Kaarmaan is a place for professionals to meet and work in a different environment and a chance to meet peers and expand social and professional networks. Kaarmaan is a chance to work and meet in a cultural space and enjoy art.

Kaarmaan is a community of idea owners and experts.
We provide world class services for professionals and business owners.
This experience is a new working lifestyle which responds to your professional requirements and brings pleasure to your working life.

Work & Meet

What happens in Kaarmaan?

In Kaarmaan, you can work in a comfortable place just like your office, have your official meetings or informal discussions, get an opportunity to meet and connect with peers and receive great hospitality throughout your stay.
Beside, Kaarmaan hosts several cultural and artistic events that makes your stay more pleasant. From music sessions to art exhibitions, professional seminars to performances; in Kaarmaan there is always an enjoyable event to attend besides your daily tasks.

Kaarmaan is also organizing conferences and seminars on entrepreneurship, investment, art economics and more.


Events in Kaarmaan are opportunities to engage with art, knowledge and business and gateways to learn and educate in an interactive environment.

Kaarmaan provides the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, and holds events to enhance the quality of such communications. You could participate in our networking, informational, educational, cultural and artistic events. Kaarmaan can also host your specialized events.

We always host art events; including exhibitions and workshops in painting, sculpture, photography and literature, inviting musicians and live performances, discussions and openings.