About Us (Kaarmaan)

Kaarmaan is a place to work, network and aspire. In fact, Kaarmaan is an opportunity to meet, and socialise to expand your social and business network while working in an aspiring environment filled with art and culture. This experience is a new working lifestyle which responds to your professional requirements and brings pleasure to your working life.

Kaarmaan services

Kaarmaan allows its member to accomplish their professional affairs in a more comfortable creative environment. Carrying out daily work rituals, meeting colleagues or clients, having a professional workshop or event or any other work-related activity is welcome in Kaarmaan. We are certain that the experience of any member or guest in Kaarmaan will include high quality hosting and catering services , opportunity to network with an elite professional community of members and finally enjoying the unique architecture and interior design of the house.


Memberships in Kaarmaan are available in two categories which are designed for two levels of utilisation.