What is Kaarmaan about?

All of us had the experience of working in a dull office. Sometimes getting back to the same boring desk with the same daily routine turns work to an unpleasant ritual. It affects our productivity, creativity, level of energy, and even impacts our interpersonal skills. How can we address this? 
Kaarmaan is not an option, it is the opportunity to change your daily work and meeting environment.

The building

Kaarmaan is based in the late 60s mansion built by a Spanish architect, aimed to marry the modern lifestyle with traditional Iranian interior design at the time. A considerable piece of architecture with white facade and arched windows that bring light in all three levels. Early afternoons are enjoyable with the rays of sunshine in the south facing rooms. 

The labyrinth style of this mansion including lounges, drawing rooms and corridors, gardens, swimming pool and terraces lets you enjoy your working hours. The Combination of modern renovation and the classic origins of this mansion invites you to stay here for hours. 

The building is designed to provide variety of practical spaces, such as 3 comfortable spaces to work and meet suitable for informal gatherings, 4 dedicated rooms for formal appointments, 4 creative spaces to view artworks and enjoy cultural programs and 3 spaces for receptions and other facilities.