Kaarmaan allows its member to accomplish their professional affairs in a more comfortable creative environment. Carrying out daily work rituals, meeting colleagues or clients, having a professional workshop or event or any other work-related activity is welcome in Kaarmaan. We are certain that the experience of any member or guest in Kaarmaan will include high quality hosting and catering services , opportunity to network with an elite professional community of members and finally enjoying the unique architecture and interior design of the house.

Kaarmaan can host you for personal work and formal or informal meetings. Also, we are hosting our members’ workshops, seminars, formal events and small or large gatherings. In addition, Kaarmaan organises a variety of selected events for its members and guests in business, art, culture or lifestyle. By joining, you will have priority booking to our events and get acquainted with business professionals across disciplines.

Introduction to the House

Although designed for a primary purpose, all rooms and spaces in Kaarmaan are flexible in furniture and usage to cater the needs of members for their specific function. But in any room and any setup around the house you can certainly enjoy the architecture, antique furniture and decorations, beautiful houseplants and fresh flowers. Kaarmaan is proud to showcase artworks from contemporary Iranian artists in nearly all rooms.

Ground floor

The normal setup of the room is with casual sofas and tables for working and meeting, however the furniture is modified or removed when the room is booked for holding workshop or gathering. This room is one of the public spaces in the building for members which is available to use on a daily basis unless there is a private booking .


The café handles all daily services for members or catering for events.You can also enjoy the café environemnt itself for work or holding small, formal or informal meetings.

The presentation room

This room is suitable for meeting of up to 15 person. the layout of the room allows for setups for different meeting.

The pool

During the reconstruction of Kaarmaan House, the pool is designed and used in the form of relatively large enclosed space that complements the garden space for holding outdoor events and gatherings.

First floor
Event hall

This is the largest space of Kaarmaan which is suitable for holding a variety of events, gatherings, large meetins and workshops considering its facilities and equipment. The two board rooms on both sides of the hall facilitate such functions. On normal days, The event hall is furnished with antique furniture for working and meeting.

Boardrooms one and two

These rooms are usually used for holding small meetings due to their warmth and beautiful windows . When holding events, the arrangement can be changed based on the needs of guests for various applications from side meeting room, break area or event reception.

The Chamber

This is a large meeting room for up to 12 individuals designed . You can host your formal meetings or informal chats in this room.

Second floor
Big Room

This is a large room with wide tables as well as audio visual equipment designed specifically for workshops for up to 30 or formal meetings of up to 15.

Small rooms

The layout of these three rooms is proper for hosting small, informal and formal meetings. They can also be booked together with The big room for all day workshops which requires several rooms and setups during the day.


Our library is home to a collection of useful books in business, investment, literature, art and culture. You can also enjoy music records from contemporary Iranian artists using the audio equipment in the library.


This is an outdoor space designed for taking breaks from meetings, enjoying lunch or coffee during workshops or even holding part of your conversations in an outdoor environment.

Events at Kaarmaan
Events and Workshops at Kaarmaan

Kaarmaan’s spaces can be booked for your specific working activities including meetings, workshops or events. We also support and accompany you in advising specific catering offers for your events by our professional in-house team, providing multimedia services and performing music.
Kaarmaan is also host to selected business, art or culture events; including live performances, exhibitions, gatherings, professional workshops or networking sessions . Kaarmaan is an opportunity to communicate with like-minded professionals.

Catering at Kaarmaan

Our café is responsible for all your catering needs during your entire stay in Kaarmaan. In order to perfectly host your events and meetings, Kaarmaan offers a variety of suggested packages to cater you and your guests. You can get the relevant information and make all necessary arrangements during your meetings with Kaarmaan team when organizing your programme.

Other services
  • Free high-speed WIFI
  • Printer and fax machine
  • Video projection
  • Audio visual equipments
  • Photography and cinematography
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Live music
  • Flower arrangements