Kaarmaan spaces and services

Business Lounge: A bright, pleasant and inspiration environment on the second floor providing a relax ambiance for personal work or friendly conversations. Being in this lounge and meeting other guests helps to expand professional network.

Meeting Rooms: 8 furnished rooms for holding meetings, with a capacity from 6 to 70 people with video projection and hospitality services.
Dedicated desk: several dedicated desks for private personal work.
Outdoor platform: A re-defined swimming pool as a platform to hold a variety of artistic and business events.
Library: Collection of useful books with topics in business, investment, literature, art and art economics.
Artworks shops: An impressive and dynamic place to introduce and sell decorative art pieces and crafts.

Cafe: An intimate place for drinking tea, coffee and having healthy snacks, food and cakes. The smell of coffee, cardamom and cinnamon refreshes your senses and the taste of our herbal drinks relieves daily stresses.
Food: At Kaarmaan, depending on the type of your event or meeting, a variety of healthy inspiring food, snack and drink options are available.
Other services: High-speed Internet, printer, copier and video projector.